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Dan goes biking with the Amputees Across America
group during a visit to Phoenix


OK ... cutting your leg off is truly an experience ... but one that you can survive. It would seem that dealing with your insurance provider is the greater challenge. If you are struggling with your coverage, the two C-Leg Appeals written to Humana might be of help to you! The first was required to convince them to provide a microprocessor knee ... the second was necessary because of all the needed steps they denied on their response to my first appeal.

My amputation and my C-Leg were provided by Humana. Now that my medical coverage is provided by CIGNA, I have made an effort to get to know their local customer service people. They are my friends and I am grateful for the tremendous service they provide and for their responsiveness to my needs..

The open letter to CIGNA relates to a decision made on the national level which I believe to be detrimental to all amputees. If you agree ... please take time to write your own!

On the lighter side, enjoy my "Top Ten Reasons Why One Leg is Better Than Two" and see what our wonderful family and friends came up with for my personalized license plate!


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